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I love baking and cooking and trying out new recipes and ingredients. Who could have thought that rosemary and peaches went super well in a tiramisu?

I like trying out any local cooking and though I can't stand spicy food, I'll gladly sample your local spicy specialty!

Roleplaying, LARPing!

My brother and I used to pretend that we were Bronze Knights from Saint Seiya.

Years later, I pretend to be a pirate captain looking for vengeance or a member of the local mafia trying to negotiate the deed of ownership to a building (threatening is a form of negotiation).

I love making my costumes from the ground up, scouring thrift shops to find THE coat I can dye and paint to get an awesome pirate coat.

I also play regular tabletop RPG (mainly Cthulhu and World of Darkness) and I'm always on the look out for tabletop games... tables.

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